Shopping In Kata Beach

Kata beach is located at the southern part of Patong on Phuket's west coast. It is one of the famous beaches in Phuket, Malaysia. During your stay at this beautiful place, you can enjoy shopping in Kata beach. This place provides varied selection of shopping opportunities for visitors. Most of the souvenir shops are open early afternoon. For shopping in Kata beach resorts, you will find various shops in several parts of Kata beach including south, central and north. Let’s find out some of the places where you can shop in Kata beach.

Andaman Creations – It is one place where you can do shopping in Kata beach, it is located at the southern part of Kata itself. When you just pass Tri's Boathouse you'll reach a little soi or street and there lies the Andaman Creations. It is an attractive outlet that deals with handmade leather goods, silverware, and semi-precious stones.

Smile Gallery – To shop at Kata beach will be a great fun as it provides various shopping opportunities for visitors. Smile gallery is one such shop where you can find reproduction painting as well as modern art or simple an oil rendition of several pop artists. This shop lies just next to the Andaman creations. Just opposite to the smile gallery and Andaman creations you will find a bikini shop dealing with all types of swimwear, beach clothing and accessories.

Besides above, towards the south of Kata beach, you will also a shop called Elephant, it deals with handicrafts, semi-precious stones, costume jewelry, fine leather bags as well as oriental nick-knacks. It is located on the grounds of Oasis Tapas Bar on Kok Thanot road. There is also Adidas and Nike Outlet, where you will find sportswear actually manufactured in Thailand. As far as Kata beach shopping is concerned we can miss this shop. You will also come across shops such as P&P Mart, Royal Jewels of Thailand and Kata Plaza. This makes shopping at Kata beach a great fun for visitors.

For shopping in Kata beach you will also find variety of shops in the centre part of Kata beach which includes:

Udomagg - At this shop you will find handbags, luggage as well as briefcases. The shop also sells shoes. You will actually find snakeskin boots along with Mafiosi-like pointed-toe footwear, leather sandals as well as formal shoes at this shop. The shop is situated on the T-junction of Kata and Thai Na roads, Central Kata. On the Thai Na Road you will also find a shop named Oriental Gems that deals gems.

B.J. Boutique – You can also enjoy shopping in Kata beach at B.J Boutique. At this shop you will find beachwear, cotton pants, shirts, thongs & sandals. This shop also has fascinating handicrafts and knick-knacks items. It is considered as one of the best shop in Kata beach. Just opposite to this shop, you will find a shop named Siam Handicrafts, which deals with handicrafts items as well as ornaments.