Information On Kata Beach 

Kata beach is very popular beach located towards the southern end of Phuket, Thailand. Many people visit this beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach. Hundreds of people visit this Kata everyday to soak up the sun. Its beauty, facilities as well as its activities entices and charms many visitors. Let’s find out brief information on Kata beach in the following article.


Kata beach is mainly divided into Kata Yai and Kata Noi, and both beaches provide beautiful scenery as well as relaxed atmosphere. Kata beach information shows that Kata Yai is larger than Kata noi. The bay is very scenic with Koh Pu (Pu Island) at the northern end. Half of the beach is bordered by a road, while the southern half, on the right of beach has resorts. A large portion of the land i.e. towards the northern end is occupied by Clun Med, which keeps the end of the beach fairly quite. However, Kata Noi has few hotels and is dominated by the Kata Thani hotels.


Moving further with the information on Kata beach resort, there are plenty of watersports to be enjoyed at Kata beach. The bay is fantabulous for sailing and at the same time plays host to the annual King’s Cup Regetta every December. Speaking about Kata beach, the beach is very popular with surfers the rainy season. You can rent all types of boards on the beach. It is also one of the best beaches on the island for snorkelling. Kata Beach has good range of accommodation options just close to the beach. There are also a good number of restaurants in Kata, especially Kata Centre. In fact, one should collect brief information on Kata beach and its facilities beforehand so to take full advantages offered at Kata beach.


Majority of the hotels in Kata beach offers facilities for wheelchairs users. There are also a great number of shops, markets, souvenir sellers etc. and are all open from 9:00 to 21:00. Money exchanges and ATM’s are located close to the Kata Beach resort offering good rates of exchange. Bank of Ayudhya has two branches in Kata Beach open from 09:00 to 16:00. Closed on Saturdays / Sundays and public holidays. Post office is located on Thaina Road, just along from Kata Centre. Open from 09:00 to 16:00. However, the above article that reveals information on Kata beach will help you get a precise review of Kata Beach.