5 Amazing Facts about Kata Beach

Kata Beach is located at Western Phuket area of Thailand, it lies approximately 20km from the main town and is bordered on either sides by hills and endless expanses of water. This is definitely the perfect place to spend a vacation during holiday season. Once you enter the region the first place that would meet your eye is the shopping center, here tourists can find anything that they want from gifts, souvenirs, music stores and even professional massage parlors.

Other interesting facts include:

1. There are actually more hotels and mid-level lodging here than in other parts of the country, this means that visitors have a wide choice of accommodation packages to choose from of course based on their budget. Some of them are fitted with modern facilities that would make you feel at home including free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV in every room, iPod docking stations and master en-suite rooms amongst many other related facilities. Other luxury accommodations are found in tropical gardens next to serene hills that offer a nice escape from the street clamor down below.

2. Outdoor fun activities for the entire family are available. Kata beach is blessed with safe swimming and diving spots with calm waters that would be enjoyed by children and adults alike, nevertheless visitors are still advised to take note of the indication flags that are distributed by management. They often tell people whether it’s safe to dip in or not. Moreover, adults who may want to explore the deep seas further can visit the coral reef which lies at the right side of the shoreline stretching all the way to Poo/Crab Island.

Moreover, a natural sauna lies a short distance in the jungle surrounding this beach. It has been fitted with a large, copper boiler that more or less resembles a real-life kettle. The management also placed a tree bark inside the water so that it can release menthol steam, for total relaxation of those that are lucky enough to enter the sauna.

3. There are several bars along the road from Kata Noi to Kata Center where you can always drop by for a glass or two. Most of them play good music from both local and international artists, with fire dancing acts on Friday nights for those that find time to chill out at the club.

4. Dining opportunities. The restaurants in Kata Beach serve both Western and Thai delicacies, their desserts are affordable and offer great value for money compared to those that are found within the city center. In some places one can find Italian dishes, seafood and pizza served in full portions.

5. Transport. There are both bus, taxi cab and train services linking the beach to surrounding areas, the option of what to use depends on your budget and how many people are coming along, that’s if you are coming along with friends and family.

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