Restaurants In Kata Beach

Kata beach is one of the major destinations for holiday makers. Kata has attracted many visitors around the world. With the increase of visitors, many hotels, resorts and restaurants have sprung up to serve their needs. There are many restaurants in Kata beach where you will find various cuisines all over the world. Lets us know about some of the most popular restaurants in Kata beach.

Listed below are some of the well known restaurants in Kata beach resort:

Mom Tri’s Kitchen – This restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Kata beach. It is located in between Kata and Kata Noi beaches with elegant surroundings. Basically, this restaurant situated in Mom Tri's Villa Royale Resort, the restaurant  that  has wonderful views of Kata Noi Beach and sunsets over the Andaman Sea. With an award-winning wine cellar and regular appearances in 'Best of' restaurant listings, you can have a special evening out here. It opens from 06:30 – 23:30 and has Thai and international cuisines.

Oasis Spring Tapas and Oasis by the Sea – These popular Kata beach restaurants features good wines and tapas. However, live music and gourmet cuisine in the By the Sea section. It is located at the southern part of Kata beach in Kokthanod road. Style includes taps and international cuisines. These restaurants in Kata beach open from 11:30 – last orders 10:45.

The Boathhouse and Grill – It is located at the southern part of Kata beach in Kokthanod road. It is in Mom Tri's Boathouse and is one of the favorite fine-dining spot for the visitors. This Kata beach restaurant wins the Wine Spectator magazine's Award of Excellence in consistent manner. Dining in this restaurant during your visit at Kata beach will be a memorable experience. Style includes French haute cuisine, Thai and international, it opens from 18:30 – 23:00 and children under the age of eight are welcome until 20:00.

Two Chefs – Two Chefs is also one of the other well known restaurants in Kata beach. It is situated just diagonally opposite the Boathouse. It is a Swedish-run restaurant that has flourished over time, earning reputation for good, innovative cuisine at reasonable prices. Two Chefs is a cut above 'normal' Kata tourist restaurants. Style includes Swedish, Thai and international. It opens from 08:00 – 24:00.