Fun Activities In Kata Beach

The scenic beauty of Kata beach attracts many visitors. It is one of the most well known beaches in Phuket. Its natural beauty and clear water charms many visitors. Besides this you will discover a vibrant nightlife, good shopping and many choices of activities. Let’s have a brief review of the activities in Kata beach. Find out what activity you can do in Kata beach resort.

Elephant Trekking – One can always do elephant trekking. This can be one of the main activities in Kata beach resort that you can take up. It can be a great fun. The location is Chalong hills and is open daily. So, you can go out for a trek through Phuket hills during your stay at Kata beach. In fact, elephant is the national symbol of Thailand, and was used in earlier wars but later on it become an integral part of Thailand’s remunerative logging industry.

Thai Cooking Class – You can always join Thai cooking class. This is one of the activities in Kata that you can take part. Mom Tri’s Boathouse held culinary workshops every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00. The classes embolden participation by the students and involve Chef Tamanoon’s own recipes. However, a full two day course features appetizers and salads on Saturday, and main courses & desserts on Sunday. After each class one can have leisure lunch at which they can taste their own creation.

Spa and Thai massage – One can enjoy Spa and Thai massage during the stay in Kata beach. This is one of the fun activities in Kata beach that you can always take up. Most of the spa centers in Kata beach features well trained therapists. You can try out the traditional Thai massage as well as the famous foot massage.

Day Boat Trip – This is one of the main Kata beach activities that a visitor can always take up. You can try kayaking for around 200 baht an hour in Kata Noi beach. Moreover, you can hire a boat and go for snorkeling. There are fantabulous reefs at the southern end of Kata Beach and also by Poo Island, just offshore. You can also take long tail boats on rent for around 600 baht an hour, but it depends on the number of passengers.

Surf – This is one of the other activities in Kata beach that you can always take up during your stay at Kata beach. At this beach, surfing competition are also organized three times a year.  The waves are storm generated so you’re only going to catch the big ones in the more volatile low season from May – October but there are surf able days even in the middle of high season.